I was tired of looking for ten different stills in order to draw a costume correctly, so I made a little reference sheet of all of Korra’s outfits - maybe other people can benefit from it (don’t trust the shoes on the equalist unifrom though, I’m still not 100% sure they actually look like that)

Natalie Dormer on Women and Body Image in Hollywood during SDCC 2014 (x)

Direwolves or Dragons? (x)


#please date #like if I get nothing else out of this show#please let Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall date #actually let that be how we learn his name #all episode she talks about going out with X dude #and Scott’s like #lol dat’s cool mom #and then up shows the sheriff #and he’s like wha #and she’s like dude what is your problem I told you I was going with him #and scott just sort of says after the door closes and he’s alone in the house #I never knew his first name (via nynaeves)

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A 1990s R&B Cover of the ‘My Little Pony’ Cartoon Series Theme Song


they saved her life

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Do you ever read your scripts and think to yourself, “That still happens, yeah, that still happens in modern America?” The plight of women, while it has improved, has not advanced to the point where these are the types of mistreatments that are so unusual that they are extinct. 

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me in public when I’m alone..

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When people tell me that kainora is a stupid name for the ship. 



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